Big Canoe Harvest – North Georgia’s freshest local food, straight to your door.

A Modern Farmer’s Market, Entirely Online

We are an online farmers market providing home delivery to the residents of Big Canoe, Georgia. Every week, we open an online market containing the freshest products from a carefully curated selection of local growers and artisans. You get access to the entire range of products and can order exactly what you want, in the amounts you want, without minimum orders, huge upfront payments, or hassle. For the time being, we only accept debit and credit cards, so there is no need to worry about going to the bank, fiddling with exact change, or not having any cash. Your order is harvested, packed, and delivered to your front door.

North Georgia’s Bounty: Clean, Local, Fresh

All our growers and artisans are carefully vetted to ensure that the products they provide are of the highest quality. Growers are not required to be Certified Organic but must follow the USDA Organic or Certified Naturally Grown guidelines to provide you with the highest quality produce.

Market Managers: Big Canoe Residents

Big Canoe Harvest is run by two residents of Big Canoe, Whitney Carnes and Eddy Hodgson of Tumble Tree Farm. We are passionate about connecting our neighbors to the wealth of local food in the North Georgia area.

Email Contact:
Phone: 404-358-5510 and 770-367-4949

How Big Canoe Harvest Works

  • Our approved Farmers use the market page to list what they predict will be ready for harvest that week.
  • Every Tuesday at 7:00PM, Big Canoe Harvest sends out an email to announce that the market is open for customer orders. The market remains open for orders until Thursday at 9:00PM
  • Farmers harvest and pack your order on Fridays.
  • On Saturday, our farmers deliver their products to us. We sort your order and assemble it for delivery. Once we verify the components of your order, we will charge your card for the total plus a $2 delivery fee. Between noon and 4:00PM, we hit the roads of Big Canoe to bring your order straight to your front door. We encourage you to be home during the delivery time, but we know that is not always possible. If you will not be available, please make arrangements for us to drop off your order inside your house or with a neighbor.

Covid-19 Protections

We take your safety as our highest concern. Farmers are required to wear masks and gloves when they deliver their produce to us, and we encourage them to take a certified food safety course. Your order will be delivered to you without contact, by a driver who wears a mask. We will leave the food and ring your doorbell, alerting you that your delicious order has arrived.

Get Started

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    Please make sure you give us your physical address and not just your post office box so we can deliver right to your door.

  2. On Tuesday, we’ll send you an email when the market opens. You browse and order the items you want.

  3. Look forward to your order being delivered on Saturday!

Want To Be One Of Our Farmers?

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  2. Then request to be a farmer here: New Grower Form